Me Me Me

 If you want to know all about me here it is so keep reading don’t stop. First of all I am 12 years old, 1 sister, 2 dogs and I get my education at PDCS in grade 7.

Second of all I like some sports like soccer, running, and football I used to play on a team for soccer for like 4 years I play indoor and outdoor indoor for 1 year and outdoor 3 years so that is all the sports I play.

Some of my favourite things to do are Video Games I play Call Of Duty, Saints Row 3, GTA, Dead Island, I have more but I just don’t play them all. Another one of my favourite things to do is running like I said in my other paragraph I do cross country, Track and Field.


This is all about me you need to know for my story “ME ME ME so I hoped you enjoyed it!